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Theatre platform for supporting emerging artist cooperation and resilience

Theatre in Palm project is a first ever Creative Europe platform project for theatre art. It brings together 12 partners from all over Europe to collaborate and co-create in an international and intercultural platform.

VISIT OUR NEW ONLINE PLATFORM is a stage for emerging theatre and performing art artists, and a matchmaker for artists, theatres and other employers in the field.

Sign up for free and discover a world of events and networking possibilities designed specifically for emerging theatre artists. The events are your ticket to an extraordinary journey of professional growth, connections, and success.

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Who is an emerging artist?

Emerging artists are

  • theatre or performing arts students
  • recent graduates (0-5 years)
  • other newcomers in the field of professional theatre
  • people interested in gaining new professional competences and making new openings in the field of performing arts

If any of these resonate with your career path…

  • Actors and performers
  • Script writer and playwriters
  • Choreographers and dancers
  • Set designers and costume makers
  • Pattern cutter
  • Lighting designer
  • Sound designer and musical director
  • Composers and musicians
  • Producers and play directors & assistants
  • Art students

…Theatre in Palm is for you!