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Do you want to work in a joint Hybrid Residency of 12 European countries in November?

Theatre in Palm, an international project funded by Creative Europe, is hosting a Hybrid Residency on 6–17 November 2023. During the 2-week residency you will work with 10 local artists and 20 international artists, both live and online. The residency will end with 4–12 co-produced, new theatre pieces that are shared online with the whole group of 120 artists, plus 12 mentors, and the rest of the online world!

Take a chance to learn, connect, get inspired and perhaps even get a job opportunity!  

Ps. Travel and accommodation in another country will be paid for by the project.

Apply via Open Call on 14.6.–6.9.2023!


Residency program

Hybrid Residency will take place for two weeks in 12 countries simultaneously in November 2023. In the Hybrid Residency, all 12 Theatre in Palm countries work in TRIOS:

  • Finland-Sweden-Greece
  • Ireland-Italy-Belgium
  • Spain-Portugal-Netherlands
  • Bulgaria-Romania-Cyprus

Residency week 1

The 10 selected artists in each Theatre in Palm country will work live locally during the first week of residency. Local artists work in a small group of 5 members and online with five artists from another country. TOGETHER THESE MIX GROUPS FORM A TRIO.

During the weekend (11–12 November) between the residency weeks, 10 local artists will travel abroad (e.g. 5 artists from Finland to Sweden and 5 artists from Finland to Greece). Each Theatre in Palm country decides from its residents who will travel to which country.

Residency week 2

ALL TRIOS will produce three approximately 15-minute performances streamed online at the end of the 2nd week on Friday 17 November. Trios can also decide to combine the performances into one 45-minute performance.


Common schedule

Week 1 (6–10 November) – Working online together

  • Monday 6 November: Arriving at the local residency. A joint start online at 13.00–14.00 CET in a large international group. Starting residency work in TRIOS towards the performance date on 17 November.
  • Local residency Mon-Fri 610 November: 10 artists-in-residency, together with the local mentors, meet in person locally and work online with two other residencies. More detailed schedule will be available from the local contact person in Theatre in Palm countries.
  • During the weekend between residency weeks, the artists will travel abroad, where they will continue to work with their own group live (as part of the TRIO). 

Week 2 (13–17 November)

  • Monday 13 November: From 13.00–14.00, online check out -meeting for the coming week by all residencies
  • Tuesday 14 November: Every 12 residencies work with 10 artists
  • Wednesday 15 November:  Every 12 residencies work with 10 artists
  • Thursday 16 November: Every 12 residencies work with 10 artists + main rehearsal
  • Friday 17 November: Showtime! Performances are streamed for live audiences in 12 different countries + Residencies’ own feedback to other residencies and feedback from viewers

Theme and pre-task

The residency works on the theme of Environmental Impact and on common impulse material. Participants are guided by experienced mentors who have prepared the work in advance. The intention is to produce performances that deal with the theme and are all united by one common element: organic material.

Residents co-create performances using theatre-based methods. The residents dialog both live and online in an international context. To get the most out of the experience, each artist will actively participate in the collaboration.

The theme of the residency is ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. The common element in residency work is organic material (such as plants, soil, sand, water etc.)

Pre-task: see the performances created during the previous Digital Residency.

In the Hybrid Residency we continue to work on the same impulse materials as in the earlier Digital Residency (February 2023):

  • Antigone-play and in particular the study of the moral contradictions of the characters in the play of Sophocles
  • Opening Speech of António GUTERRES (U.N. Secretary-General) at the climate conference in Egypt on 7th November 2022
  • chosen object important to emerging artists that symbolizes a value or something you do not want to lose.

It is good to familiarize yourself with the impulse material already for the application phase.

Why to participate? Learn and get inspired!

Hybrid Residency allows you to

  • Network with other emerging artists across Europe
  • Work both locally and abroad – live and online – to learn and get experience in new ways to collaborate
  • Get inspired by other artists and share knowledge and points of view
  • Connect through theatre
  • Create a theatre piece with other artists, in a creative environment with the guidance of a professional and experienced mentor
  • Learn about different cultures and way of working

Don’t just take our word for it. See what the participants of our previous Digital Residency in February 2023 had to say: Digital Residency: Feedback and learnings from the participants.

If you are an emerging artist, you can apply to the country closest to you. In order to apply, you need to be a resident in an EU country.

Emerging artists

You can apply for the residency if you are:

  • an emerging artist in the field of performing arts, for example arts student or a recent graduate (0–5 years)
  • newcomer in the field of professional theatre
  • interested in gaining new professional competencies and making new openings in the field of performing arts
  • willing to collaborate/cooperate outside of your own profession
  • interested in international career opportunities and networks
  • prepared to work in English (the project language)
  • resident in an EU country and over 18 years old.

Professionally you can be from any field of theatre/performing arts, for example:

  • Actor
  • Choreographer
  • Circus artist
  • Community artist
  • Composer
  • Costume designer
  • Dancer
  • Director
  • Drama instructor
  • Dramaturg
  • Lighting designer
  • Musician
  • Performance artist
  • Performing arts pedagogue
  • Producer
  • Puppet theatre artist
  • Scriptwriter
  • Set designer
  • Sound designer
  • Student

How to apply

Each Theatre in Palm country selects 10 artists through an Open call. Open call is open from 14 June to 6 September 2023.

You can apply and send/submit your application to the nearest Theatre in Palm country, please see contact information below. The application must be accompanied by a CV and a motivation letter in which you explain why you would like to participate in this Hybrid Residency.

The Hybrid Residencies in each Theatre in Palm country have different working schedules for their TRIO residency work. You can find out more about the local residency schedules and content of the work from the local contact person in each Theatre in Palm country (contact details below).

Below you can find the local contact information for further questions and applying. (Please note the holiday season)

  • Belgium / European Theatre and Film Institute ETFI:
    • Contact:
  • Bulgaria / Oecon Bulgaria:
    • Contact:
  • Cyprus / THOC Cyprus Theatre Organisation:
    • Contact:
  • Finland / Turku University of Applied Sciences, Arts Academy:
  • Greece / CUBE:
    • Contact: &
    • holiday on 14–25 August
  • Italy / E35:
    • Contact:
    • holiday on 14–25 August
  • Ireland / Smashing Times:
    • Contact:
    • if no answer, contact by text message +353872214245
  • Netherlands / ZID theater:
    • Contact:
    • holiday on 18 August–4 September
  • Portugal / Já International Theatre
    • Contact:
  • Romania / Homemade Culture:
    • holiday on 26 June–5 July
  • Spain / ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture:
    • Contact:
    • holiday on 1–17 August
  • Sweden / Intercult:
    • Contact:

  1. you are an emerging artist
  2. you demonstrate motivation and commitment to collaborate during the residency week with your application
  3. you have sufficient knowledge of the English language
  4. you are a resident in an EU country
  5. you are over 18 years old

Theatre in Palm project will host live residencies during the year 2024 so keep following us: Facebook / Instagram