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Theatre Lab – Unlock the secrets of Applied Dramaturgy in Your Presentations!

ZID Theater-City Art & Performance Center

Discover the art of crafting an impactful presentation that captivates both artistically and informatively. Join us as we dive into the essential elements that bring your presentation to new heights, including the use of a captivating scenario, visual aids, and the dynamics of live performance.

Our focus is on conveying a powerful message: the evolution of the idea of identity. We invite artists to share their personal tales through videos and live performances, for a deep connection between their individual experiences and the audience.

In this interactive workshop, we will guide you step by step through these crucial elements, providing practical insights and hands-on exercises to empower you in applying them to your presentations.

This workshop is for emerging artists in the field of theatre art.

Date: 18 December

Time: 14:00 – 17:00 CET