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Planning, financing and executing your project, ZID theater

ZID Theater, De Roos van Dekamaweg 1, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

On Wednesday evening 30 November from 18:00 to 21:00, ZID Theater organizes a workshop 'planning, financing and executing your project'. The workshop will be given by Susanne Hazen, business manager......

Digital Coffee Talk: Why me? Cultural therapy

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Why me? - cultural therapyHow we relate to art/theatre as people and also as organization and why we do what we do. What do you think? The things we do like festivals, cultural events, theatre plays,......

Flow Fall and Fly (F.F.F.) by Fotis Nikolaou

THOC building, Theatre shelter room, Nicosia

How does the body resist gravity, how is it left to it?How does the body converse, make contact with the floor, without colliding, but by developing a friendly, almost tender relationship?How does the......

Digital Coffee Talk 2: Cooperation Staging. From Words to Visuals.


Our Digital Coffee Talk started with a little interaction on what theatre meant to every participant and how your personal reflections could spark further ideas for developing this artistic niche......

Digital Coffee Talk 1: Welcome to the first Theatre in Palm Digital Coffee Talk!


Welcome to the first Theatre in Palm Digital Coffee Talk!We are on the verge of an exciting task – it's time to start the joint meetings of the Theatre in Palm (Theatre platform for supporting......