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Digital Residency on 6-10 February 2023


Theatre in Palm, international project funded by Creative Europe, is hosting a digital residency on 6–10 February 2023. The project will later host two more residencies during the 3-year-project.The......

European Theatre Lab Workshop: So you need Funding!

Ptolemaion 39, Antigonidon-Thessaloniki area

In the framework of the Theatre in Palm project, a creative workshop European Theatre Lab takes place in Greece. The event is hosted by CUBE.Through the innovative workshops "So you need Funding!" you......

Aisling - Dream, celebration of the Irish language

Dlr Lexicon Library, Black Box Studio, Queen’s Road, Dunlaoighre, County Dublin

Join us for ‘Aisling’, a unique bi-lingual event in celebration of the Irish language, the arts and human rights and Celtic Culture through performance, poetry and song. An evening of......

National Theater Week by ZID

ZID Theater | De Roos van Dekamaweg 1 | Amsterdam

To celebrate the Dutch National Theater Weekend 2023, ZID is organizing a long weekend full of performances! On Friday 27 January visitors can enjoy “The Alphabet of Uncertain Times”, a rough,......

European Theatre Lab: Vladimir Bouchler Master Class “Interdisciplinary Dialogue method”

Stockholm, Sweden

Intercult invites all interested performing artists to a unique opportunity to participate in a one- or two-day character workshop on 17.-18.1.2023 in Stockholm.The Master Class is led by a well-known......

Digital Coffee Talk 6: Legacy and points of Connection

Online, Microsoft Teams

Legacy and points of connectionThe session starts with a process of guided meditation/reflection to reconnect to the individual core of each participant. Around the question of legacy, connection and......

Digital Coffee Talk 5: Theatre in change

Online, Microsoft Teams

What have changed in Bulgaria after the Change? How we manage /or not/ to reform our art organizations? What was /not/ done in the independent sector? How the young artist function in the system of......

Re-Dreams and IthaKaZa

ZID Theater, De Roos van Dekamaweg 1, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

The successful performance “Re-Dreams” will take place on Saturday 10 December. The artists of Broedplaats Bouw open their studios to the audience and ZID Theater is of course also present!The......

Existential angst and all-holds barred sexual tension in Sartre's NO EXIT

The Museum of Natural History, Lisbon

The very first local theatre movement of Já International Theatre will take place in Lisbon, 8-18 December 2022. A deliriously reimagined examination of this ever-topical classic clawing into the......

European Theatre Lab, Turku

Teatteri Mundo, Nunnankatu 4, Turku

Are you an influencer, activist, awakener, engager, enabler, a bearer of social responsibility? Performing arts artist as a social actor? Join us to hear and discuss the important things in the......